Leatherheads is a screwball tribute to the old ’20’s comedies, and works great because George Clooney is perhaps the last actor alive with that charisma and timing. It is enjoyable because it is old-fashioned, and is also really funny at times.

Dodge Connolly is a football player in 1920, and he is very talented. But he’s down-on-his-luck, and his football team is closed down for low attendance. Meanwhile, all-star football player/war hero Carter Rutherford has thousands of loyal fans, and so Dodge smooth-talks Carter into joining the team. The two begin to compete for the affections of reporter Lexie Littleton, who is researching a piece on Carter and finds a huge secret…

It comes alive with a great energy and vibe that is great, and George Clooney is great as a director. The only real problem is the pacing, as it simply drags on for too long. Well, its very energetic and ambitious, with good performances. Great props for that. B+


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