Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

The first Indiana Jones movie in 19 years is also better than the second and third, is the most action-packed movie in years, and surpasses its predecessors in humor and action. It doesn’t have the classic aura of the first, but it’s fast-paced and definetely isn’t a letdown. And, at least for me, surpassed expectations. And boy, were they high.

Indiana Jones is a franchise amongst the likes of Star Wars in respect and entertainment, and although Harrison Ford is 65, he looks almost exactly like he did in the third one, and in fact has more stuntwork to do here. Steven Spielberg is the best director of all time, and he’s still in prime form here. Unfortunately, the best actress around, Cate Blanchett, has almost nothing to do here as a bad guy (or gal), although her Russian accent is hilarious.

Set in 1957, Indiana Jones is kidnapped by the Russians along with his partner Mac. They want him to help them find a crystal skull, that has psychic powers that make people do what others desire. Mac betrays Indy for the Russians, but Indy escapes to find the Crystal Skull.

Indy meets a young greaser named Mutt, and they decide to find the Crystal Skull together. Along the way a professor and Indy’s old girlfriend tag along, and she has shocking news for Indy…Can they find the Crystal Skull before the Russians do?

The plot isn’t much, but it gives way for some hilarious action sequences. It plays on our old nostalgia for the old movies, and don’t worry – they didn’t mess up the franchise at all. They actually improved it. Vastly. A


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