‘The Twilight Saga: New Moon’ review

So it's....three people in the woods. And over 25 million people have gone to see it.

So it's....three people in the woods. And over 25 million people have gone to see it.

The popularity of the ‘Twilight’ franchise isn’t particularly surprising. After all, week after week new action movies pile into movie theaters, and ‘Twilight’ just so happens to be an old-fashioned romance with good-looking characters (Edward and Bella for those of you that don’t know). It features every girl’s dream man. Simply put, it fulfills peoples’ desires for an old-fashioned romance.

The plot behind this franchise: Edward is a 109-year-old vampire, who happens to look like a 17-year old teenager. Bella is, in fact, 17. The two meet and fall in love. This is basically all that happened in the first film, “Twilight”. In this one, “New Moon”, Edward has to leave Bella forever, putting her into a deep depression. However, her friend Jacob comforts her while Edward is away, and she realizes that Jacob is a werewolf. Does Bella have any friends that are, you know, human? (It’s annoying how casual she is about keeping foreign company.)

The ‘Twilight’ series is, in my opinion, a phase that will be forgotten about in a matter of years. The source material, the insanely popular books are completely overwritten. Some direct quotes from them include, “Look after my heart, I’ve left it with you.” and “I dream of being with you forever.” But the film tends to eschew all the bad dialogue, but they are pointless: Because the films never display why exactly Edward and Bella are so deeply in love, (and the plot depends on their bond), the films lose their purpose. Rather than tell a story, the movies are basically re-enactments of parts of the book, strung together to form a “plot”.

Of course, fans of the book will thoroughly enjoy the film. It stays true to the source material, has the same good-looking actors, and sets itself up perfectly for the next installment, Eclipse. (due out next June) It has everything the fans demand of it. But take away the screaming fans, take away the popular books, take away the teams Edward & Jacob, take away all the hype that surrounds this movie, and what do we have? A film with mediocre acting, a terrible script, and no personality.


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