About Ryan

Hey, I’m Ryan Michaels. I’m 16. I dig cinema.


10 thoughts on “About Ryan

  1. Ryan, it is Cindy – your Mom’s friend. I hope by subscribing in this way I will get updates to your reviews.

  2. Kevin Smith has been tweeting about you. You should get a twitter account and give that LCJ ( Lights Camera Jackson ) http://twitter.com/#!/LCJReviews kid a run. You have more creditability than him. He refuses to review anything harder than a PG13. No R rated movies? Are you kidding me? How can he call himself a movie reviewer? Life is R rated… Any way loved your review of red state and Paul. I have met Seth Rogen he shops at my store in L.A., Really down to earth cool guy. Good luck i plan to promote you when i can.Get a twitter account! I have been a movie fan since the 70s and I’m still going.

  3. Hey man, this is Devin from TIP camp. Just went through some of the reviews on this site, and I am certainly impressed. Email me if you ever need a secondary review for a movie, I generally do the same kinds of reviews for school.

  4. In a way I hope you haven’t yet red the dragon tattoo series. While I haven’t seen the film, what you describe seems to confirm reports they stuck close to the book(s). The Blomkvist Salander relationship was a slow dance through the three books which started out gradually. The first book also spent most of it’s time on the mystery. Enjoyed the books and the Sweedish films and look forward to the expected three US remakes. Thanks for your column.

  5. I recently found your website filled with reviews; I read a few of them and now I’m a certified fan! I’m a movie critic for my local newspaper too so it’s really interesting to read the perspective of another teenager. You should review Lincoln soon – I heard it was stellar.

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